Upholster Me

Become an interior designer with our upholster me option where you can customise our high-quality calico furniture with a fabric of your choice.

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Beaulieu Armchair

From £2,180.00

Contemporary Bar Stool

From £705.00

Tapered Leg Bar Stool

From £750.00

French House II Sofa

From £2,285.00

Arnaud Rimmed Sofa Chair

From £1,825.00

Rules Contemporary Dining Chair

From £650.00

Rules Carver Chair

From £735.00

Rossi Footstool

From £830.00

Dali Bench

From £935.00

Miro Bench

From £785.00

Leo Armchair

From £2,105.00

Bunters Dining Chair

From £675.00

Savoy Modern Dining Chair

From £995.00

Milon Modern Dining Chair

From £725.00

Draper Footstool

From £485.00

Drummond Footstool

From £665.00

Aveline French Armchair

From £1,650.00

French House II Armchair

From £1,740.00

French Sleigh Chair

From £1,750.00

Gaston Armchair

From £1,715.00

Magritte Bench

From £745.00

Klee Ottoman

From £1,005.00

Groucho Dining Chair

From £715.00

Chevy Modern Armchair

From £1,585.00

Leo Footstool

From £920.00

Avril Carved Stool

From £1,055.00

Carlton Armchair

From £1,715.00

Chevy Modern Dining Chair

From £705.00

Stow Curved Unit Sofa

From £3,260.00

Nicholas House Chair

From £685.00

Draper Armchair

From £995.00

Gautier Armchair

From £1,585.00
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Items 1-32 of 38