Planters & Urns

Stylish, decorative and practical, all of our planters and urns have been hand-picked by us for you.

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Toba Natural Rattan Drypots - Set of 2


Eichholtz Ocean Club Planter - Black


Eichholtz Ocean Club Planter - White


Toba Rattan Planter

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distressed iron effect garden urn

Corinth Garden Urn


Lene Bjerre Abiola Basket Set - Large


Lene Bjerre Abiola Basket


Lene Bjerre Vinnia Flower Pot - Gold


Lene Bjerre Dalia Flower Pot - Dark - Small


Lene Bjerre Dalia Flower Pot - Dark - Large

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Patterned Vase

Shoreline Vase


Ancient Greek Face Planter


Eichholtz Peck Urn

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Large size grey antique urn

Large Antique Finial Urn


Medium Antique Finial Urn

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Large antique bronze planter

Eichholtz Hortus Planter


Nickel Planter


Large Versailles Urn


Cherubs Urn

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19 Items